Asymétrie is a completely homemade women’s clothing brand, which manufactures garments with selected, quality fabrics. Its design, despite being completely Made in Italy, opens to a cosmopolitanism of shapes, colors and lines that look at international trends and do not betray its experimental origin, the continuous search for innovative fashion solutions.

Asymétrie printed fabricThe goal of the brand is to dress and enhance women who want to force the schemes and avoid the most obvious aesthetic stereotypes, those related to an idea of inexpressive femininity and adhering to the canons of beauty glossy and standardized. On the contrary, Asymétrie garments are always conceived, rather than being protagonists, to pay homage to the person who chooses them.

One of the brand’s founding values is comfort, which always goes hand in hand with elegant geometries. The garments, especially those with more homogeneous or monochromatic colours, as well as a style characterised by the eccentric minimalism of the shapes, guarantee the comfort necessary to face professional commitments. At the same time, there is no shortage of ideal solutions for leisure time and disengagement, to be shown off at aperitifs, dinners and informal and convivial events.

The undisputed protagonists of Asymétrie‘s offer are its blouses: characterized by geometric lines and unusual volumes, they follow the wearer’s body in the sinuosity of its movements. Their fabrics, proposed in plain and patterned colours, with specially designed and printed patterns, give space to a wide range of possibilities: from wools for winter to cottons or silks for summer, passing through technical fabrics, eco-leather or denim. Whether they are equipped with raglan or kimono sleeves, dominated by curved or straight lines, Asymétrie blouses always prefer attention to detail, the stitching finished in a sartorial way and – when present – the creation of buttons covered by handmade fabric.

The highly laboratory soul of the Asymétrie project, characterized by a streamlined and efficient ordering, packaging and release process of the products, gives the brand a strong flexibility and a capacity to absorb and rework in a timely manner the current trends. All this has the most important effect of the innate propensity of the brand to design and propose garments always in line with the tastes, needs and aspirations of its target audience.

The website is the brand’s main communication tool. Visiting it you can appreciate from time to time the new collections and its new version, which will be available soon, will host an ecommerce section to allow customers to place orders online, receiving the goods at home wherever they are in the world.

After a degree in civil engineering, and various professional experiences in the construction sector, Roberta Leone, chooses to change her life and realize her childhood dream by attending the Fashion Academy. Here he learns the technique of moulage, a sartorial method that allows him to create paper models directly on the mannequin. So calculations and projects, which in any case will not stop influencing her creativity, gradually make way for fabric and pattern paper, allowing her to devote herself to the wonderful art of dressing people with grace and technique. In 2017 she founded Asymétrie, which is now the best way for her to continue a story of overwhelming passion and dedication.

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