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Asymétrie is a women’s clothing brand with completely handmade garments. The fabrics used are of high quality and the design, while being completely Made in Italy, opens up to a cosmopolitanism of shapes, colors and lines that look to international trends.


Wearability is one of the founding values of Asymétrie. Comfort, guaranteed by the fabrics and compositions, is combined with the elegance of the lines, giving rise to always unexpected solutions. The garments have an ideal fit that is absolutely adequate in the office and in professional meetings, but also appropriate for convivial events, such as aperitifs and informal dinners.


The highly laboratory character of the project makes Asymétrie a potential reference point for those who want garments designed according to their tastes, needs and aspirations. The process of ordering, packaging and releasing products will be streamlined and efficient


Asymétrie black leather


Black sleeveless faux leather blouse. With a rock character, it can be combined with leather trousers or jeans, wearing a black or contrasting jersey. It is characterized by a rounded line at the front and squared at the back: this creates a gap at the side that gives movement to the blouse.


Sleeveless denim blouse, with a small buttoning on the central back. It features a rounded line at the front and squared at the back, so as to create a slit at the hips that gives movement to the blouse. The button is handcrafted from the same fabric as the blouse.

Asymétrie denim cut
Asymétrie grey-sand


With a kimono sleeve and made of double crêpe using the double method, this blouse is entirely hand-stitched. In this way it can be worn in both directions, it does not have a straight and a reverse, because the seams are internal.


Fresh grey wool blouse, with a round neckline on the front and slightly deep on the back. Finished with a pink cotton border.

Asymétrie summer days


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